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Title: [Free][Game] Download hot game Fidget Spinner2017
Post by: mrland on July 10, 2017, 01:31:10 AM
Nowadays, there are many games in the market in order to reduce stress and pressure in the life. Knowing the trend of people, the producer game made the Fidget toys to support for them. Besides, they also created an interesting game relating this toys, which has name Fidget Spinner (
With the simple gameplay, the players can quickly know how to play the game. To understand clearly the game, we can guide you to play the game. The players will use their hands to control spinner in order to shoot at the fastest speed and the longest time as possible. You will have totally 5 times to spin in one battle. And, we want to suggest that you should spin the next before its speed return 0 so that you can get the highest score as you can. When you pass each level, you will have the opportunity to discover a new beautiful spinner.
Apkfly Play Store: (
Moreover, apkfly will give you some features of Fidget Spinner:
And now, we will show you some specifications of the game:
If you want to check the information above, you can access the web or send an email to
Finally, Apkfly would like to give you the link to download free the game. you just click here and enjoy it!
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