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Author Topic: Browsers, & want to sort bookmarks alphabetically, tried BS&B and CMark already.  (Read 793 times)

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While I generally like it for its rather simplicity and speed, the stock Chrome isn't helpful in this regard, as we know.  I've tried Bookmark Sort & Backup a couple of times to keep things sorted, but the app is failing to find the bookmarks in the first place. 

I also tried CMarks Lite, and while it seems to sort them when they first load, it doesn't "export" them back for Chrome to grab them.  Does Chrome have to be force-quitted and restarted to call them up in order?

I'm running Chrome (for now) on a stock JB, unlocked and rooted.  Any ideas why BSB wouldn't properly find the bookmarks?  I rather not start trying to sync larger numbers (maybe 100+?) of bookmarks across laptops and pcs, I just want to run a dozen or so of my favorite links that I hit while bumming around with my Nex7.   Thanks!


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