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Author Topic: Help with Playstation controllers and GTA3  (Read 1110 times)

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Help with Playstation controllers and GTA3
« on: October 25, 2012, 12:23:39 AM »
Hello everyone, After plenty of Googling and not getting anywhere, I'm hoping someone here can help.
I have an $8 PS3 controller off ebay which I want to use on my non-root Nexus to play GTA3, etc.
-It's a wired (no B/T) cheap chinese special. It will connect to the Nexus, but won't really control anything.
I have borrowed my brother's genuine Sony PS3 controller to try, and it works fine. I also leant my ebay controller to him, and it works fine on a PS3 as expected.
***Before someone says "Just buy a proper Sony controller", No I won't, simply because I'm cheap ;)***

Here's what I have worked out so far (playing GTA3, but using no other apps):
-The borrowed genuine Sony PS3 controller works fine.
-The ebay controller will connect to the Nexus, but doesn't do anything.
-My genuine Sony PS2 controller works with limited functionality.
-My wireless ebay PS2 controller works with limited functionality.

When using USB/BT Joystick Center app:
-I purchased the app from the Play store in the hope it would help, but unlike without the app, now both controllers have minimal functionality in GTA3 (as opposed to the Sony one working fine, but the ebay one not working)
-Both the ebay & Sony controllers are recognised by the app, and show the same (key mapping??) when the buttons are pressed.
-When playing GTA and using Joystick Center, both PS3 controllers have the same limited functionality -Maybe it needs the buttons setup correctly or something??
-I haven't tried the PS2 controllers with the app, but I tried all 4 controllers with the Joystick Test app. Strangly the PS2 controller (key map??) showed up, but the PS3 ones didn't.

PC- Win7, MotionJoy, and GTA-SA: (I'm adding this simply as further proof that the controller isn't at fault)
-When using the Motionjoy program on the PC, I can get both the genuine & ebay PS3 controllers to work with GTA San Andreas (after messing around setting up the buttons correctly.
-Haven't tried the PS2 controllers, but no real need too since the two PS3's work fine.

I'll continue adding anything I've forgotten, and further testing. I've tried to be thorough with my checks, but keep in mind I'm not a pro, and I don't do this type of stuff for a living. Also you may have to excuse some of my wording as some of the terminology may not be correct.


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