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Author Topic: Get A Taste Of Google 'Glass' On Your Nexus 7  (Read 2533 times)

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Get A Taste Of Google 'Glass' On Your Nexus 7
« on: May 23, 2013, 01:57:45 PM »

As a fan of all things Google and a proud owner of a Nexus 7 I've also been paying pretty close attention to Google's hardware experiment and possible future breakthrough product, Project 'Glass'.(We even created a dedicated forum at www.GoogleGlassForum.net)  Now up until now unless you were one of about 1500 developers that were allowed to purchase the new-fangled augmented reality eyewear at Google's I/O Conference or you were one of the lucky winners of the company's #ifihadglass contest...well you were just plain out of luck in experiencing 'Glass'.   Until now however.

It seems Redditer zhuowei has been able to modify some of the apps to run on your Nexus 7 so you can experience...sans eyewear...some of what to expect with Google's new baby. The 'Glass' OS and apps all run on a modified version of Android that uses special commands to use with the hands-free device.  Starting with 'Glass Home' you activate the Glass OS by saying 'Ok, Glass'...followed by a particular command.  There's a limited but quickly growing list of apps that run on the Glass OS (also known as 'Glassware') including maps, Facebook, The NYTimes, Twitter, and of course such Google staples as search and mail.       

Sergey Brin, Co-Founder of Google Wearing The Company's 'Glass' Device

There's ongoing work to port more 'Glass' apps to the Nexus 7 so check out the original source.

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