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Author Topic: Google Optimizes 'Quick Answer' Searches For Tablets And Mobile  (Read 1547 times)

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Google has long given quick answers to some questions typed directly into the Google search page.  The company has now optimized certain searches with expanded information and an easy to read 'tablet and mobile' optimized presentation perfect for your Nexus 7 to get you the most pertinent information fast.  A couple of weeks ago the search engine started presenting a 10 day and hourly weather forecast that you can interact with when you type in 'weather'.   They've also started to display a full function scientific calculator whenever you type any equation into the search engine, thereby making it easy to expand on your initial equation.    Well starting today they've greatly expanded these tablet and mobile optimized 'quick answers' with the plethora you see below.

For another example as seen in the top left card above, they've improved the information displayed in their 'flight status' quick answer to include a flight progress indicator and increased the size of departure and arrival times so you can see quickly when your loved ones are due to arrive on your mobile device.  From left to right, other improved 'quick answer' searches include finance, currency conversion, unit conversion, dictionary definitions, local time lookup, holiday dates and sunrise times.  Many of these will come up during natural language searches such as "how many miles are 42 kilometers?" and presto the card on the far bottom right appears showing your answer.  By tapping the card you can then do another conversion such as converting to miles, instantly.  Pretty cool, eh?  These improvements are being rolled out as we speak to english speaking Mobile Google search users like us Nexus 7 owners and there's sure to be more in the future.  They definitely have a bit of a 'Google Now' feel to them, don't ya think?  Go Google!

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