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Author Topic: Getting replacement Nexus 7, afraid of restocking fee. Are my defects enough?  (Read 1507 times)

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Hey everyone. I'm in the process of returning my Nexus 7 because of a (very) slight screen life on the left side and some stuck pixels. The screen lift does not extend above the bezel' but its been getting worse. I opened it up to tighten those screws on the left side, but the three screws on the left were missing o.O I didn't say anything about the missing screws because i know that opening it can void your warranty  and I wouldn't get a replacement. There's also a cluster of stuck pixels on the top of my screen, which I described as stuck or dead and I said I can't tell if they are stuck or dead. Without even giving me a chance to explain the very slight scree separation, I was told I was getting a new one. What I'm worried about is that Google won't think that my issues are severe enough, and that they will force me to pay a restocking fee. What do you guys think?
Oh and I have not yet received my shipping label to ship the defective device back.

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I think your problems justify a new device, and you needn't worry about being charged a restocking fee.  Google never mentioned a restocking fee, so that's a needless worry on your part.
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