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Author Topic: Nexus7: in part somewhat disappointing!  (Read 1127 times)

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Nexus7: in part somewhat disappointing!
« on: August 21, 2012, 07:45:29 PM »
we thought the Nexus7 would support "streaming" and allow us to watch news clips and movies. 

a result of our failed due diligence now has us looking for tablets with operating systems welcoming "streaming".  when we find the tablets meeting that criteria, it is likely and regrettably our Nexus7 will find its way to another owner through popular resale websites.

is it possible google will recognize the failing of this popular expectation and correct?

thank you,

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Re: Nexus7: in part somewhat disappointing!
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2012, 09:20:43 PM »
Hi Elliot-  By 'streaming' I'm assuming you mean playing flash video files.   The Nexus 7 has the latest Android operating system, known by the code name 'Jelly Bean'.  Adobe, the maker of Flash is not supporting ANY mobile device on either Android or Apple's iOS from here on out so any 'new' tablet you buy that is running the latest version of the Android operating system...Jelly Bean...will not support Flash out of the box.   The reason that Adobe has decided to stop support for any future mobile device is because the entire web is moving towards the HTML5 protocol which in fact includes its own video streaming ability and which the Nexus 7 supports.

However...there is a workaround to run Flash on the Nexus 7...so no reason to be disappointed!   If you'd used the 'search' function on the forum (which I recommend you do for any questions before you post) you'd see we actually have several threads on this forum that show you how to enable 'Flash' on the Nexus 7 by installing the Flash APK onto the device manually and using an alternative browser instead of the built-in 'Chrome' browser.

Now the 'Chrome' browser on the Nexus 7 is widely regarded as the absolute BEST mobile browser that exists and it fully supports the most modern HTML5 specs.   Websites like 'Youtube' work with it as do many other sites however as I explained above not 'Flash' because Adobe won't support it.   This has nothing to do with Google really.   

Anyway, here's a link to find out more information on running 'Flash' on your Nexus 7:  http://nexus7forum.com/index.php?topic=334.msg2458#msg2458

Also, our talented Global Moderator JayJ has written an easy step by step guide here:  http://nexus7forum.com/index.php?topic=458.msg2600#msg2600

Now, if it turns out you're NOT talking about running Flash on your tablet then I'd ask you to be a little more specific about what you mean by 'streaming' because the Nexus 7 does in fact stream tons of video and tv.  I use it all the time for that.  You just have to know how to do it depending on the site.

Hope this helps.


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