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Author Topic: Nexus 7 Live Wallpaper Spotlight: 'Ocean HD'  (Read 2639 times)

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Nexus 7 Live Wallpaper Spotlight: 'Ocean HD'
« on: August 30, 2012, 01:06:42 PM »

I'm a big fan of 'live wallpapers'.  There's something about having a realistic, animated scene  in the background of my Nexus 7 that makes me feel like I have this secret world in my hand that nobody else knows about.  The right one can give you a quick dose of inspiration in the middle of the day and I have to say my collection is growing ever bigger due to the high quality live wallpapers that DualBoot Games keeps creating.  Their latest is 'Ocean HD' and it's a beauty.  From the realistic light rays penetrating to the ocean bottom to the gorgeous tropical fish to a sunken ship,  and shimmering coral this live wallpaper is gorgeous.  Here, have a look:

Now 'DualBoot Games', the developer who ironically despite their name seems to really be known for their live wallpapers above anything else, has had a series of complex live wallpapers that I've loved in the past.  Some that come to mind include 'Christmas HD' and 'Celtic Garden HD'.  These and their others provide beautifully detailed graphics, smooth animations and a boatload of customization options that keep them interesting day after day.   'Ocean HD' is no different.

In 'Ocean HD' you can choose how to customize the scene by adding or taking away objects and turning features on and off.  Choose between a deep sea coral reef scene or a shallower reefless sandy bottom.  You can turn the sunken ship on or off, choose between showing a treasure chest or diving bell.  You can also choose how many and what kinds of fish to show such as a giant manta ray and turn the light rays on or off.   If you look long enough you'll see a shark lingering in the background as well.    The settings also give you the option to let the scene pan left to right and back automatically on your Nexus 7 or to let you manually move the scene with your finger.   You can even interact with the fish by tapping them.   Like their other live wallpapers we expect the developers to add additional features down the road but to be honest 'Ocean HD' is so gorgeous as it is, it'll quickly become your favorite live wallpaper to show off on your tablet.   You can grab it for $1.99 in the Google Play store at the link below.

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