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Author Topic: Jelly Bean 'Easter Egg' Video On The Nexus 7 Tablet  (Read 2225 times)

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Jelly Bean 'Easter Egg' Video On The Nexus 7 Tablet
« on: July 08, 2012, 08:01:26 AM »

We actually brought you this story last week during Google's I/O conference but we didn't have video at the time.  Well up above you'll see a short video of the 'Easter Egg' that exists within the newest version of Android, version 4.1, also called 'Jelly Bean' being displayed on the Nexus 7.  Now for those new to Android...or at least the history of 'Easter Eggs' a little history is in order. 

Google has given each new edition of its Android operating system an internal code name consisting of some kind of dessert in alphabetical order.  Starting with version 1.5, 'Cupcake', the history of these names has been:

1.5 Cupcake
1.6 Donut
2.0, 2.1 Eclair
2.2 Froyo
2.3x Gingerbread
3.x.x Honeycomb
4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich
4.1.x Jelly Bean
5.x ? (Perhaps Key Lime Pie or Kandy Kane?)

Now ever since Gingerbread, version 2.3 the company has also hidden an 'Easter Egg'...a cute graphical animation of some sort that shows the 'dessert' of that particularly version of the OS.   In order to get to it you typically have to tap, swipe, press or otherwise do something with your tablet or phone to get to the 'Easter Egg'.  In the case of 'Jelly Bean', the current version of the OS it's as easy as repeatedly tapping on the version number in the Settings menu.   A giant red Jelly Bean appears and if you press and hold him a screen with all kinds of assorted Jelly Beans and even a candy cane appears that you can flip off screen with your finger. 

This has led to speculation that the next version of Android 'might' be called 'Kandy Kane' instead of what had thought to be leaked previously, 'Key Lime Pie'.   Of course 'Kandy Kane' would be a deliberate misspelling of 'Candy Cane' so many don't believe Google will go that route.  But it's causing all kinds of heated debate :) among the Android faithful.

So what do you think the next version of Android should be called? 

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