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Author Topic: Nexus 7 App Spotlight: 'Bloomberg Radio+' - Live Free Bloomberg Radio 24/7  (Read 1385 times)

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Now here's a terrific app us grownups can use.  Bloomberg news service, the leading name in business new has just come out with a terrific new app that lets you listen to a live feed of Bloomberg Radio on your Nexus 7 wherever you are, 24/7.  Not only that but it goes even further and lets you listen to your favorite Bloomberg shows 'On Demand' whenever you want...and get's FREE!  This is really terrific news.  I know my dad listens to Bloomberg religiously to track all the latest goings on on Wall Street and now he'll never have to miss a show again.

- Bloomberg Radio live 24-hours a day
- Bloomberg shows and interviews available on demand
- Offline listening. Save/download shows and interviews
- Latest market data on companies
- Charts as they are referenced during a show or interview
- Bios of guests
- Customizable scrolling ticker

Now as we mentioned the Bloomberg Radio+ app lets you download shows and interviews and lets you listen to them on demand.  Shows like - Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Keene, The First Word with Ken Prewitt, The Hays Advantage with Kathleen Hays, Taking Stock with Pimm Fox and Courtney Donohoe,  Bloomberg On the Economy with Carol Massar & Mike McKee, Bloomberg Law (the latest on regulation and securities law), ETF Report (Bloomberg's exchange-traded funds report)

Former guests on the network include a who's who of business and political leaders including:  Former President Bill Clinton, Billionaire investor George Soros, Dr. Mohamed El-Erian, the CEO of Pimco, George Papandreou, the Prime Minister of Greece and more.  Now I'd be lying if I said the app UI was the prettiest or most optimized I've's something I'm sure they'll improve on in time.  But what matters here is the free content.  You simply won't find a better 24/7 news source for free anywhere.  It's a perfect companion to the Bloomberg Stock app where you can track your portfolio and news in print.    Grab 'Bloomberg Radio+' at the link below and never be in the dark about Wall Street again.

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