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Author Topic: Digitimes Estimates 2012 Nexus 7 Sales At 5 Million  (Read 1752 times)

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Digitimes Estimates 2012 Nexus 7 Sales At 5 Million
« on: November 20, 2012, 01:56:39 PM »

Today comes word of the latest in a long line of sales estimates for the revered Nexus 7 Tablet with the latest prognostication coming from none other than the popular Taiwan based supply chain tech zine/bloid 'Digitimes'.   According to the article's sources, which it states are 'Taiwan based players in the supply chain', the company initially thought it would sell 2.5 million of the 7 inch tablets but after overwhelming demand that has seen sales approaching 1 million per month has had to place multiple new orders to satiate demand. 

No doubt the recent price drops that saw the 8GB model become extinguished, the 16GB drop to a new entry level $199 and the introduction of both a 32GB model at $249 and a new 3G HSPA+ 'Mobile Data'  Nexus 7 model at $299 have helped keep the Nexus 7 demand up.  In our humble opinion the Nexus 7 offers the best 'bang for the buck' of any top tier tablet whether Android or any other competitor. 

We wouldn't be surprised in fact if sales beat the 5 million mark...and perhaps by a sizable amount since the majority of tech gifts are bought between now and Christmas and the iPad Mini, which was supposed to blow everything out of the water...came in a bit underwhelming in the hardware department with a middling screen and processor and a good chunk more expensive than the N7.   Add to that the stellar reviews the 3G HSPA+ 'Mobile Data' Nexus 7 has been getting and the sky's the limit. 

Previous estimates have put Nexus 7 sales as high as 8 million...and that was before the poor iPad Mini introduction and said 'N7 mobile data' introduction as well as recent price drops.  That clears the way for the Nexus 7 to clean up this holiday season and at the end of the day we could see total 2012 sales greater than anyone has predicted.  The real challenge however will come after the holidays.  Can the Nexus 7 keep the pressure on and the momentum up during 2013?   How many Nexus 7s will have been sold by this time next year?  Anyone want to venture a guess?
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