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Author Topic: Nexus 7 Success Spurring 'Tablet Friendly' Features On Popular Android Apps  (Read 2111 times)

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In just as many days, two popular apps for Android have announced new features or additions that make their apps 'tablet-friendly' with specific mention given to Google's Nexus 7.  Yesterday, the popular photo sharing site 'Instagram' announced that front camera support for the Nexus 7 and other tablets was now included in the new addition of their app, version 1.1.7.  Another new addition to the app is the option of posting your tablet creations to Flickr via the app's share menu.  For those not familiar, 'Instagram' let's you easily tweak and customize your photos with all kinds of cool effects that reflect your mood.  It then let's you share these photos with anyone via easy social network integration.  You can grab the latest version of Instagram in the Google Play Store.

Take Portraits In Instagram!

This morning Evernote announced that their super popular note taking and organization app, 'Evernote',  had version 4.1 released featuring a totally redesigned tablet interface with swipe navigation and more.  Central to the redesign is the new tablet friendly 'Home' screen below.  You can tap to create a new note or just go directly to your notebook, tags and place view.  Swipe navigation has been added to numerous places througout the app and there's a new 'List View' which shows you all your basic information about a note from one screen including title, tags, text snippets, attachments and the date and more.  We'll have a full write-up of 'Evernote' soon so those unfamiliar can learn about this fantastic tool but in the meantime those looking for the new tabletized version can get it Here.

New 'Home' screen designed for tablets like the Nexus 7

As many of you Android followers know one of the main complaints tablet owners have had is that there just weren't enough tablet optimized applications available for our beloved tabs.  Well it looks like the app community finally believes Google is serious when it comes to tablets and we can confidently say that is in large part to the company's new flagship tablet, the Nexus 7.   So grab these and other tablet-optimized apps to make the most of your tablet's larger 7 inch screen.  We believe these are just the beginning of a wave of new and improved apps for our Android tablets.
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