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Author Topic: Nexus 7 'How to': Taking A 'Screenshot' With Your Nexus 7  (Read 5086 times)

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Nexus 7 'How to': Taking A 'Screenshot' With Your Nexus 7
« on: July 19, 2012, 10:37:41 AM »

Now that the Nexus 7 Forum is hitting its stride and many of you are playing with your new tablets we thought we'd start to do some 'How To' articles and videos to help everyone become more proficient with their new Nexus 7 tablets and the Jelly Bean OS.   Doing a 'screen grab' or 'screenshot' is one of the most basic and useful skills to learn as it enables you to share pictures, apps, home screens, wallpapers and other things you might want to share on the screen of your Nexus 7 with others.   

Now keep in mind taking a 'screenshot' captures the entire image of your screen at once...this includes any apps open plus menus and anything else...the whole shebang.  With the Nexus 7 it's incredibly easy to take a screenshot of what's on your Nexus 7's display and it involves a very simple action of simply holding down the volume down button and the power button at the same time and after a second you'll hear a 'click' and see an animation of your screen's image being taken.  That's it!   The video above form CNET contributor Jason Cipriani shows how it's done.

Now taking a 'screenshot' used to not be so easy.  In the early days of Android in order to grab a shot of your current screen you had to either root your tablet or use a dedicated app.   Now one thing to remember is that the snapshot of your current screen that you get with this 'screenshot' is the full resolution of your tablet's screen...1280 x 800 pixels. 

If you plan on sending this image to others or posting in this forum it's a good idea to reduce the size of the image using some kind of imaging program so that the image fits comfortably in the context of where it will be viewed.   Here at Nexus7Forum.com we recommend an image that appears in posts be no larger than 600 pixels wide or 800 pixels high...whichever is greater.  So in this case a 1280 x 800 screeshot should be reduced to 500 x 800 pixels maximum...and preferably smaller.   

Let us know what other Nexus 7 ''How To's' you'd like to see and we'll post them in the future.

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Re: Nexus 7 'How to': Taking A 'Screenshot' With Your Nexus 7
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2012, 11:16:23 AM »
I recommend uploading your screen shot to photobucket.com and then using the "clickable thumbnail" link if you are planning on sharing your screen shots on forums or websites. 

As the author stated, screenshots are very high resolution and thus very large files. 
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