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Author Topic: 'Nexus 7' Trounces 'New IPad' In Drop/Dunk Faceoff Plus 'Win A Nexus 7!'  (Read 1637 times)

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SquareTrade is a company that offers warranties for electronic devices including the Nexus 7 and they've just conducted a drop and dunk(drown?) test pitting the Nexus 7 against Apple's top of the line 'New iPad' to see which was more durable under trying conditions and accidents.   The result?  The Nexus 7 trounced the New iPad.  In fact not only did the Nexus 7 withstand both drops from varying heights and submersion in water better than the iPad...it came out functionally unaffected!  Yes, that's right...except for a few scuffs and scrapes on the back and plastic sides the Nexus 7 worked perfectly no matter what the SquareTrade team threw at it.  This compares with the damage sustained by the iPad which included both a cracked screen and the sound going out after the water submersion. 

"Wow, that is impressive" - SquareTrade Faceoff Tester upon hearing the Nexus 7 still playing video and audio after being dropped into a bathtub.

Now as we mentioned earlier SquareTrade offers warranties for tablets to cover you in case of accidental damage and the $199 Nexus 7 2 year warranty costs $18.99 which doesn't sound like a bad deal to us.  However we're not sure if there's a deductible in that quote so you'll want to inquire from them to get more information.

Oh yes...one last thing....In addition to winning the Faceoff, SquareTrade is also giving away one Nexus 7 to a lucky winner of a contest they are sponsoring.  Just go to squaretrade.com/faceoff to enter.

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Pretty impressive. Wish the N7 had hit more on a screen corner rather then the backside to see how it would have fared, but it seems weighted in such a way that it doesn't, which is a plus. 
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Yes, very impressive, even though it was painful to watch!  OT, I just noticed watching this that the Nexus 7 box (or sleeve actually) has the tablet photographed so it forms a "7" on the front--clever!


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