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Author Topic: Complete Set Of New Nexus 7 Press Images Leaks/New Wallpaper Too!  (Read 1528 times)

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Earlier today a complete set of New Nexus 7 marketing images were leaked out by @evleaks.  We can see the new Nexus 7 in all its glory now as well as the new wallpaper that Asus and Google have chosen for the tablet.  Now there's nothing really new spec wise that we can report from these images.  You can clearly see the SIM card slot on the top left of the tablet when it is in landscape orientation.  It is fairly apparent from the images that the new Nexus 7 is meant to be used in landscape or at least the design choices seem to suggest it is.   

This might be because the incredibly high resolution, 1080p display (1920 x 1200) will enable full web pages to be seen crisply in landscape mode.  You'll notice that both the rear and front cameras as well as Nexus log and stereo speakers all seem positioned optimally for landscape mode which lends support to our theory.  Whereas the original Nexus 7 with its 1280 x 800 resolution might have been best at viewing 1 web page at a time in portrait mode, 2 pages side by side should be clearly viewable on the new Nexus 7 due to the higher resolution.   Now overall we like the clean look of the new Nexus 7. 

The back has obviously been changed to a more uniform and arguably sleeker look, although some might miss the faux leather of the original.  Overall the tablet boasts fairly wide bezels on the top and bottom (or sides if held landscape) which would enable easier holding in landscape mode.  The top and bottom (or side if in portrait) bezels have been thinned out a bit.  The overall thickness of the new Nexus 7 appears to be similar to...or perhaps a bit thinner than the original.  We still don't have exact measurements of the thickness or the weight.  We'll report that when we have the data available. 

Finally, as all can see we have a new Nexus 7 wallpaper, sporting a four colored motif in intersecting shapes. Interestingly the desktop looks very similar to the current Nexus 7's with only minor changes.  Notice the 4:30 time on the top info bar...a nice hint at the Android 4.3 that is expected to come preinstalled on the new Nexus 7.

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