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Author Topic: Asus Official And 3rd Party Screen Protectors Now Available For Your New Nexus 7  (Read 1807 times)

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One of the great debates the typical consumer struggles with after buying a new tablet like the Nexus 7 is whether or not to use a screen protector.  Now there are countless opinions as to whether a screen protector is necessary, whether it effects the screens appearance, touch sensitivity and just what level of protection it provides.  At the end of the day some people swear by them...and others wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot poll. 

Well for those that are in the former camp we're happy to say that screen protectors designed specifically for the 2nd generation Nexus 7 have started to appear and we thought we'd highlight two that we feel are quality options, one by Asus, the Nexus 7's manufacturer, and the 2nd, a quality 3rd party option from ArmorSuit.

We start off with the New Nexus 7's manufacturer:  the 'Asus New Nexus 7 FHD Official Screen Protector'.  Now what's interesting about Asus's screen protector is that it comes with both a matte and glossy protector...depending on what you like.  It also comes with a squeegee and cleaning cloth.  It's available on Amazon right now for $18.29, which actually is less than we expected considering it's the manufacturer's product.  You can grab one at the link below.

Now another popular option that is a little less expensive and uses a different technology is the 'ArmorSuit Military Shield Screen Protector w/Lifetime Replacements'.  Now besides the lower price (only $7.95 at the link below) the ArmorSuit uses a 'wet' application process which actually produces a better result in my opinion and less inclined to have bubbles like you frequently get with dry application.  The only downside is you're supposed to wait 12 hours for the protector to fully dry...but the result is pretty impressive and this is what I used for my original Nexus 7 with great results.  The company also provides you with replacements for the life of your device...which is a pretty good deal considering the low cost.  You can pick up the ArmorSuit protector for the new Nexus 7 at the link below

There are several others that will inevitably become available such as the always popular (but pricey) Zagg, and tons of cheap, generic options (that we would avoid) and we'll report on those worth mentioning as they become available in the future.  In the meantime let us know in the comments if you pick one these options up and let us know your feelings in general about screen protection for your New Nexus 7.
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