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Author Topic: Nexus 8 Debunked - Google Fixes Suspicious Image That Started The Rumor  (Read 4934 times)

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Over the past few days there's been a rumor going around about a possible 'Nexus 8' tablet.  The rumor was sparked by the sighting of a suspicious tablet (seen on top above) on an official Android page that seemed to show a tablet that while similar to the Nexus 7 in size, had smaller bezels and a larger display...about 8 inches diagonal.  Once spotted the rumor took hold and pretty soon every tech blog seemed to be trumpeting the coming of a new 8 inch Nexus tablet.  Well it seems Google heard the commotion and has fixed the image.  You can see the page and tablet in the center of the controversy by scrolling down this page here.  As you can see by the top image in this post as well as page I just linked, Google has fixed the suspicious image by doing a little Photoshop work and reducing the size of the display on what is clearly a Nexus 7 in the woman's hands.  They have also added the camera circle offset on the top bezel.  As it turns out the entire thing was simply a bad Photoshop job and a 'too large' display was put on a Nexus 7 tablet.  Hopefully this puts the rumor to rest.  There is no Nexus 8 tablet folks. Long live the Nexus 7!

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Re: Nexus 8 Debunked - Google Fixes Suspicious Image That Started The Rumor
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Fish stories ....

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