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Author Topic: Epic Nexus 7 Tablet Teardown Video Shows Impressive Design/Integration  (Read 1908 times)

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We've previously posted photos of both iFixit and iSuppli's teardowns of the Nexus 7 and the tablet even got a thumbs up for pretty favorable 'fixability' compared to both the iPad and Kindle Fire with observations that the device was well organized, had a removable battery and a back cover that was so easy and clean to remove it almost begs you to do so.  If you're like me you might have been 'tempted' to see what the innards of your 7 inch friend looked like yourself but as a bow to caution you sufficed with staring at the static pics and let others do the daring stuff.   

Well now we have a new video from EEVblog (Electronics Engineering Video Blog) for their 'Teardown Tuesday' that dissects the Nexus 7 piece by piece in epic fashion for those that are really hankering to see every little bit of their newest tech marvel.   There's tons of amazing facts about your tablet...more details than you've ever wanted to know about the Nexus 7 in one shot.  Of course some of the design and engineering we're familiar with such as the technician noting the battery takes up a good 50% of the tablet's volume and the system board wrapped around the sides in an L-shaped configuration.  One interesting observation is the appearance of a recessed 'reset' button on the unit which doesn't have a hole in the cover to access.  Perhaps a last minute decision to keep away from the hands of users or an easy way for technicians to return the tablet to factory?

Overall it's really a very well made video with a lot of insightful commentary on your Nexus 7 which includes a surprisingly integrated case that helps provide the functionality of the NFC, GPS antennae, and much more. Those that really want to know the extent of the tech marvel they bought will want to give it a watch.  Let us know your thoughts afterwards in the comments. 

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Cool vid Bfm, thanks!  Very interesting....

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