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Author Topic: Wedge Bluetooth Keyboard On Amazon For $50.45 W/Free Shipping  (Read 2790 times)

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Wedge Bluetooth Keyboard On Amazon For $50.45 W/Free Shipping
« on: December 18, 2013, 01:24:23 AM »

Just Dropped An Additional $8 To $50.45 (was $58.24)

One of the most commonly asked accessory questions I get is regarding what bluetooth keyboard I use with my Nexus 7.  While most of us use our tablets for web surfing, game playing and other non-typing activities, some of us...myself included...like to get down to work sometimes and having a real keyboard rather than the on-screen keys can make a huge difference in your productivity.  The problem with most bluetooth keyboards I've found is that either the keys are too small...or the bluetooth connectivity is too dicey and thus I end up frustrated by either making too may typos or fussing with the thing to get to connect with my Nexus 7.   

Enter the Microsoft Wedge Bluetooth Keyboard.   This thing rocks.  And yes, it's made by Microsoft but it's terrific for use with my Nexus 7.   I used to use a Logitech bluetooth keyboard but this has recently taken over as my keyboard of choice when on the road.  Why?  Well first off the keys are large with very little space between and they have a great feel.  The keyboard is really light and compact, yet the large keys and solid construction make this about as comfortable to type on as a standard keyboard.  Second is the connectivity.  This thing connects with my Nexus 7 every time and never drops connection.  It's really responsive too...basically as good as a wired keyboard.   I also like the design.  The cover folds over and acts as a stand for my Nexus 7 and when I'm done it pops back onto the top of the Wedge keyboard and it automatically powers off the keyboard.  Pretty slick.   

Now, it's true that the Wedge was originally designed for Windows tablets and you can see the Windows button on it, but to be honest it's so good with my Nexus 7...who cares.  I can type 4x as fast with this keyboard than trying to use the onscreen keys...and an additional bonus is you can see the entire screen when typing...no need to have half of it covered with the onscreen keys.  It uses two AA batteries...which it includes, and right now it's selling for almost $30 off on Amazon for $50.45 and that includes Free Shipping.  If you've been looking for the 'best' bluetooth keyboard around for about fifty bucks...this is the one I'd get.  It makes a great gift...for anyone with a bluetooth equipped tablet...or yourself.   In addition to the Nexus 7, it also works with Windows tablets, iPads...heck, even your bluetooth equipped phone, so it's really perfect if you're a multi-device person.  :)

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