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Author Topic: Announcing The Nexus7Forum.com's Step-By-Step Guide To Rooting The Nexus 7!  (Read 2006 times)

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I'm very happy to announce that our committed and passionate Global Moderator, S. Prime (Jim, to those who know him) has just posted 'The Official Nexus7Forum.com Step-By-Step Guide To Rooting the Nexus 7 Tablet!'  Jim put together this rooting guide to help all those that are interested in exploiting the potential of their Nexus 7 whether it be adding custom roms, adding functionality like mass storage ability with 'StickMount' or other tools that either exist today or will soon and require root access.   It is based on the 'Nexus Root Toolkit' from the XDA Developers and Jim did a great job of researching several root methods and compiling them into one 'best of' guide for all of us.

In addition to the great instructions and links to all required tools, Jim gives a concise explanation of exactly how the root process works and why you might want to do it.  He also gives warning (and we second this) to the inexperienced that it is a process that does involve 'some' risk and while permanent harm to your tablet is unlikely (although it is theoretically possible if you make a major mistake), it's advised if this is your first time that you might want to work with a more experienced hand and follow directions precisely.    Any experienced Android hobbyists out there please feel free to suggest any improvements or tips that might make this guide any better.   We want to give a HUGE 'Thank You' to S. Prime for putting this all together and we sincerely hope this will be a great resource for our forum members.

And now without further delay I present to you:

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Fantastic job. Thanks guys. I might try rooting on my next day off. My only reason would be to use mass storage.
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