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Author Topic: More Official Nexus 7 Accessories Leak: Keyboard Case/Folio/Rotating Case & More  (Read 3330 times)

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Well it looks like the shortage of good official Nexus 7 accessories is about to come to an end.  According the uk site MobileFun the five items you see above and below are all due to become available any day and should fill most new tablet owner's cravings for some quality kitsche to go along with their new Nexus 7s.  We start out with the Official Nexus 7 Rotating Stand Case above which let's you position your tablet in either landscape or portrait modes all while being protected by what is called a 'leather effect' material that has a 'premium look' and has appropriate cutouts for all the buttons, the microUSB, camera and any other ports on your Nexus 7.  Pricing is expected to be 27.95 ($44)

Next up is an item that will probably be pretty popular with the traveling writer or executive who has a Nexus 7:  the Official Nexus 7 Bluetooth Keyboard Case which sports a full qwerty keyboard that is also spill and dust proof.  The case also includes a built-in desk stand which positions the tablet perfectly whether watching a movie or typing up your latest novel on that gorgeous IPS display.  Pricing for the bluetooth keyboard case is expected to be 79.95 ($125).

Rounding out the these official accessories are 'The Nexus 7 Official Stand Case', 'Official Nexus 7 Folio Case' and 'Official Nexus 7 Screen Protector'.   Now one interesting note is that the 'Folio' makes use of the magnetic sleep function we've discussed so frequently.   Thus your Nexus 7 will turn itself on and off when opening or closing the folio.  The Folio also lets you position your tablet in landscape mode and it serves as a stand with multiple angles that it can be positioned at.  It's unclear if this 'Folio Case' is the same as the leather case we presented yesterday or a different model.  Both the 'Folio and 'Stand' Case provide cutouts for your essential ports and buttons as well as a tight, precise fit that you would expect of an official accessory.   Pricing of the 'Stand Case' is expected to be 22.95 ($36) and the Folio Case will be 39.99 ($62).

Finally, for those that want an extra measure of protection for the screen of their Nexus 7 we present 'The Official Nexus 7 Screen Protector' which for 14.95 ($23) will keep your IPS screen of your tablet safe from scratches and scrapes.  It is made of high quality optically enhanced film and reportedly prevents fingerprints as well.

Well there you have it folks.  Now all the prices we've listed are taken from the MobileFun site and especially the 'US' prices are only estimates.   They might very well be less or more when sold in the US.  But regardless, you'll soon have a whole family of Nexus 7 accessories to choose from to outfit your tablet the way you want.   Anything missing from this selection that you'd like to see?  Which accessories do you plan to buy?


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