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Author Topic: Must Try Nexus 7 Game: 'Wind-Up Knight!'  (Read 2206 times)

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Must Try Nexus 7 Game: 'Wind-Up Knight!'
« on: August 03, 2012, 04:27:00 PM »

well the weekend is almost here and if you're anything like me you'll be looking to spend some quality entertainment time with your Nexus 7.  In that spirit we wanted to introduce you to a fantastic game and personal favorite of mine that's a hoot to play and looks simply awesome on your Nexus 7:  'Wind-Up Knight'.    In 'Wind-Up Knight' your mission is to rescue the princess from the evil hands of the 'Black Knight'.  It's a terrific, state of the art side-scrolling game in the classic 'Mario Brothers' vein and you play the roll of yours truly...the 'Wind-Up Knight' as you jump and slash your way through over 50 gorgeous levels.   Take a look at the video below to see what gorgeous eye candy is in store for you...

- Over 50 soul-crushing levels.
- Pick-up-and-play game play.
- Super high-end 3D graphics technology. A showcase for your phone.
- Crazy platforming action: double jumping, wall sliding, dive and roll, just to name a few cool moves.
- A secret card is hidden in EVERY level.
- Four unique worlds.
- Deviously cute art style.
- Power up with game-changing equipment and weapons.
- Original soundtrack by Josh Whelchel.

Now one of the things I like about 'Wind-Up Knight' is that it brings some fresh ideas to the side-scrolling genre.  You not only run, jump and use your sword.  You also have to defend and sometimes roll with your shield as well as run backwards in numerous parts of the levels.  I also love the awesome background scenery that always seems to have something interesting going on for you to look at.  There's pirate ships, fortresses, creepy castles and gorgeous landscapes that are fully animated and give the game that extra layer of sophistication and artistry that lifts 'Wind-Up Knight' above your typical game.  This is a really well made game.  The sound track has a bit 'ye old country' flair and game play is simple enough to understand for the beginner gamer yet challenging enough for the serious gamer. 

With over 50 levels of non-stop beautifully rendered action 'Wind-Up Knight' is a 'must have' title in your Nexus 7 game collection.  It's free to try but like many games of this genre these days there's optional 'in-game' purchases you can make for extra weapons or features.   Grab it at the link below in the Google Play store and don't let your kids see you playing this or you'll never get your Nexus 7 back!

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Re: Must Try Nexus 7 Game: 'Wind-Up Knight!'
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2012, 05:04:48 PM »
Wow, that looks pretty cool, judging from the trailer!  And, it's not the 'Blood 'n Guts' type that I can't take.  Thanks for the info!

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Re: Must Try Nexus 7 Game: 'Wind-Up Knight!'
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2012, 04:11:30 AM »
I'm going to have to try this one!



Oh man this one is a keeper.
Installed on all devices.

Did I mention thanks?
Ah yes, I see that I did.  :D
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