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Author Topic: Nexus 7 Game Spotlight: Liven Up Your Weekend Gaming With 'Cordy'  (Read 2335 times)

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It's a scorching hot day here in New York so I thought while cooling off I'd talk a bit about a fantastic game that many of you might want to try...especially those that want a game that's 'kid safe' and that's not the typical blood and guts shooter or racing game.  'Cordy' is one of the most polished and successful games that exists for the Android platform.  It's a platform game in the vein of 'sonic the hedgehog' and 'mario brothers'  but with outstanding graphics, beautifully fluid and fun gameplay, a rousing, lively musical score and all kinds of rube goldberg-esq puzzles and challenges.

You play 'Cordy', a robot that has a big job to do:  Power his world.  You'll navigate 4 different worlds with 27 different levels (the first 4 are free to try) and help him jump, swing, bounce, push, pull and maneuver through his fascinating universe helping him collect the 'batteries' he needs to power each level.   The graphics and gameplay of 'Cordy' are truly outstanding as you can see in the game play footage below.

Graphically what really makes 'Cordy' stand out from other games is the beautiful '3d' world he lives in.  Even though it's predominantly a side scrolling platformer, the graphics turn and rotate as you make your way through the different levels and depths of his world.   You'll absolutely be blown away by how beautiful this game looks on your Nexus 7 Tablet.  'Cordy' has won all kinds of awards from gaming competitions around the world including a nomination for  'Best Graphics' by Unity and "One of the best apps on Android Market", as chosen by Android Market staff. 

Play this fun, popular console-quality 3D puzzle platform game on your Android device
Race against time and solve exciting puzzles as you help Cordy power up his world
Enjoy hours of gameplay with 27 levels of fun

Now as I mentioned above, 'Cordy' has 27 challenging levels and the first four are free to try.   The remaining 23 can be unlocked for a small in-game fee.  'Cordy' is the perfect game for kids as well as adults as the cartoon like, futuristic world Cordy lives in will keep them mesmerized for hours.  They can even 'customize' and 'accessorize' Cordy's look to their liking.   If you like 'Cordy' there's also a sequel called 'Cordy Sky' which takes the mostly horizontal action of 'Cordy' and turns it vertical.  We'll cover 'Cordy Sky' in a future game spotlight but for now hit the link below and download 'Cordy' to your Nexus 7 Tablet.  You can thank me later.

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