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Author Topic: how to read ebooks downloaded from another play in google play books.  (Read 1887 times)

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I downloaded the harry potter books and their in .rtf and .pfd formats. What can I do to read these books I'm the Google play books app?

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Re: how to read ebooks downloaded from another play in google play books.
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First the native Google Reader will only read Google source books, from what I have seen. You have a few options if you use a different reading application. First, I am assuming pfd=pdf, so you will need a pdf reader, which is not a great book reading experience, IMO and rtf (Rich Text Format)  would be a poor experience as well. You can convert your files using Calibre to ePub or Mobi but the quality may not be acceptable. I suggest looking for your source in ePub or mobi and finding an app that supports your choice of formats.
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When it comes to
PDF conversion probelm. Do you have any suggetion? Thanks in advance.

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