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Author Topic: 'Google Play Gift Cards' Now Available At Target, GameStop And RadioShack  (Read 1598 times)

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Last week we saw some leaks in $25 and $10 denominations of some soon to be released Gift Cards for the Google Play store.   Well today Google made it official and is offering the cards in $10, $25 and $50 denominations that will be available within weeks at your local Target, Gamestop and RadioShack stores and rumor has it that Walmart will be carrying the Gift Cards starting next month as well.   

Explore millions of songs from top artists, thousands of your favorite movies and TV shows, the world's largest selection of eBooks, and much more. Play your purchases instantly on the web or on the go -- no need for wires or syncing.

Shop for all the Android apps and games you love with your Google Play gift card. You can even use it to purchase extra levels, add-on packs, and virtual currency.

Now some interesting notes about these 'Google Play Gift Cards'.  First, they are for U.S. residents least for now.  Our friends in the UK and elsewhere will have to pay for their apps the old fashioned way.  With credit card. :)   Another limitation is that although the cards can be used for any game, app, music movie or any other content including 'in-app purchases' as you see in many games... it excludes app subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, or hardware and accessory purchases.    Those still need to be bought with your credit card on file with your Google Play account.   

Regardless of our inability to buy an actual Nexus 7 with a gift card these 'Google Play Gift Cards' should become popular items this coming holiday season replacing or at least keeping company the similar iTunes cards that they will surely do battle with in our imaginary Apple vs. Android battles that take place when the lights are off and the customers have left.    We're sure many more retailers will follow in carrying the 'Google Play Gift Cards' and it's just a matter of time until they're hanging at the Gift Card turnstile at your local supermarket.   So now that they're official anyone in the forum plan to snap some of these up for present giving this year?

Google Play Gift Card Announcement

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