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Author Topic: Do Headphones for other Android Devices such as phones work with Nexus 7 Tablet  (Read 2379 times)

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Have a pair of headphones (earbuds) that are designed to work with Android phones that don't appear to work with the Nexus 7 or other Android tablets. I'm not expecting the call answering  functions to work but it would be nice to have volume and next/previous cut music control to work as well. The audio jack has three rings (red) and the controller has a pick-up call button also. This set is made by Phillips. Can anyone recommend an alternative set or manufacturer.

Thanks in advance for any and all responses!

Kind Regards,   :)

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Hmm, sounds like those should work just fine evoqONE.  I'm wondering if it's not some other issue rather than your phones.  Others will chime in, I'm sure.  And welcome to the forum!

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Thanks radiocycle,

Yes, very interesting! Thought I would at least be able to control volume and track movement. Looking forward to any guidance/experience others may offer. I am able to get great sound out of them.

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What brand/model is your earbuds?  Are they corded or wireless?  I have bluetooth headsets from Motorola, Rocketfish and a no name $15 seller.  I've paired all of them with both my phone and my N7.
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I have a pair of Monster Audio Dr Dre Beats from an HTC Android earphones and they work fine with my N7, the music operation buttons don't work mind. I will try my Samsung earphones that came with my S2 when I get home in the morning (night shift), see if they are compatible.
I do remember having a similar problem with my previous Android phone, it was a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i and some earphones/headphones just would not work with it so it would probably be the same the other way around.
I know this has been asked but what earphones are they?
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