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Author Topic: Standard Jelly Bean 4.1 Clock App question  (Read 911 times)

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Standard Jelly Bean 4.1 Clock App question
« on: August 23, 2012, 08:46:56 AM »
I'm a newbie to Nexus 7 and Android 4.x. I have occasionally used the clock app, if you press and hold in on the screen, you get a nice green led style display (that can allow the 7 to be used as a bedside clock (albeit an expensive one)) I found that when I first used it that it would ignore the screen lock which was set to two minutes. This was desirable.
However, lately when I use the clock app it does not ignore the screen lock anymore and the screen lock just takes over and goes to sleep. I login again and the clock app is there running. I've checked the application permissions and it seems to have the permission to ignore the screen lock i.e. while it runs the screen should not lock. So I am not sure what else is needed. I've installed various things since I got my Nexus 7 so I am unsure what change could have effected this.

This is a relatively trivial problem but it is nagging at me because it was working before fine. I could reset the Nexus 7 to factory defaults just out of interest to see if it works again. But thought I would ask you fellows first. Can you let me know if it is still working for you?

thanks for your help.


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