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Author Topic: YouTube app keeps playing only one video no matter what video u click on.  (Read 1147 times)

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OK guys so this is what's been going on with my two nexus 7's. YouTube was working fine and all of a sudden it just won't play any other video. Its like its stuck on playing one video and every time I click on any other video it just plays that one video. Let me further clarify. This issue is with the HD videos only. That video that is stuck is also in HD. And let's say  for example, if I click on say 'payphone by maroon5' then it would start playing that video that its stuck on in stead of playing the actual song but when I click on HD button to disable HD then it would start playing the actual song video but in SD.

I called Google and told them the problem and the rep on the phone sent me a replacement. Well guess what? :o After a few days the replacement has stared to do the same thing. Only this time its stuck on a different video. I am pretty sure others are having the same issue. Now, I have reset both devices multiple times, cleared the cache and force stopped the YouTube, restarted the device, installed YouTube update/uninstalled, disabled/enabled YouTube app, signed in/out of YouTube app, etc. Noting works. Hard set don't work either no matter how you try it. By the way Google rep knew about hard rest problem and said that is a big issue with nexus 7 and according to him Google does not send out a replacement if u are having hard rest issues. >:(

Please, help me out in fixing this YouTube app bug.

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Why would Google send you a tablet replacement for what is obviously a software issue, most likely with the Youtube app?   If you can play videos at other sites and it's just the YouTube app that gets hung up then it's an app problem.  Most likely they'll fix it in a update.   If it's truly something that's happening to many users (it hasn't happened to me by the way) then probably they'll issue some patch or update in the next week or two that'll fix the issue.   Don't know what else to say. 
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Actually, this was one of the few problems that I had with my nexus. My nexus was also restarting on its own while I was playing Angry Birds or Dead Trigger. Also, the hard reset issue, etc.


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