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Author Topic: 'NFL Game Rewind' Brings Full Replays Of NFL Games Plus 'All 22' On Your Nexus 7  (Read 2771 times)

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If you're a big NFL football fan then you probably already know that every NFL game is recorded by the talented folks at NFL Films with their state of the art HD cameras and more tech gadgetry than a hollywood blockbuster.   NFL Game Rewind is a pay service that let's you watch replays of all your favorite NFL games complete from start to finish and now with the new tablet optimized Android app you can watch on your Nexus 7 tablet.  Now NFL Game Rewind is definitely for the NFL devotee.   It doesn't provide games live as they air due to various broadcast contract limitations.  However for the fan that isn't able to see their favorite team play live the ability to watch a game 'on demand' anytime they want can be invaluable.     

★ On-demand games (not live) – Stream full replays of 2012 NFL games on your tablet.
★ Coaches Film – See exclusive “ALL 22” angles
★ Condensed Games – Watch an entire NFL game in approximately 30 minutes.
★ Big Play Markers – Instantly replay the biggest moments of the game.
★ Scores – View scores from around the league. (*Includes the option to turn off scores).
★ Stats – Full box score of stats for live and archived games.
★ Play-by-play – Get a full play-by-play analysis of every game.

NFL Game Rewind offers much more than just game replays in full HD (depending on connectoin).   It also offers Coaches Film...exclusive and until recently 'secret' 'All 22' angles coverage so you can really study the strategy and plays of your favorite team...and their rivals.  You also get 'condensed games' which let's you watch an entire game in 30 minutes as well as 'Big Play Markers' which are the biggest moments of the game.  Full stats are available during and after as well play-by-play analysis of every game.  It's an NFL junky's dream come true.  Now while the app is free, the service is not.   Single team coverage runs $34.99 for the season and there are other options ranging from monthly plans at $19.99 to 'Season Plus' at $69.99 which provides the best value covering all the teams plus the Superbowl and more. (again, replayed...not live due to broadcast restrictions).    If you're an NFL fan and want more information the link to the NFL Game Rewind site is below plus a link to the Android app in the Google Play store.

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