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<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/6BvEtiS5ga0" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/6BvEtiS5ga0</a>

The first time I thought about getting a VPN or Virtual Private Network, was when I was on vacation in europe and I found to my dismay I couldn't access my Netflix account to watch the latest episodes of Breaking Bad.  It hadn't occurred to me until then that lots of countries actually block content from other countries.  A friend suggested I get a VPN which would allow me to spoof a US IP address no matter where I was so I could continue to watch my US Netflix shows and so I got one...a buggy, slow, expensive one...but it worked at least.

Fast forward to today, several years later where I've discovered a world of shows, movies, news and tons of websites that are located all over the world that I never had access to before I started using Windscribe.  I routinely watch live British news shows and television shows right from the comfort of my home in Los Angeles by using a British IP address so that I can access British tv and web unhindered.  I do the same with French and German sites as well as several countries in eastern europe and even Russia.  It's amazing what you start finding once the world is unlocked.

There's other reasons to use a Virtual Private Network beyond just unlocking content however.  I personally don't like Google, Apple, Microsoft and frankly all sorts of other companies and advertisers knowing where i'm surfing on the web all the time.  I don't like the idea of being tracked by advertising bots and cookies that target advertising to me and keep records of every site I've been to.  With Windscribe you not only get to surf the whole world's web unfiltered but if you choose you also remain hidden from all those tracking bots and advertising cookies.  Windscribe is not only a VPN, it also has several additional features and a special browser plug-in that blocks most advertising and trackers so that you can surf the web privately.  Trust me...this is awesome...it gives you a sense of freedom to know that nobody is looking over your shoulder while surfing the web.

So why Windscribe you might ask?  Afterall there are a lot of VPN's out there.  Well frankly, I've tried about half a dozen of the leading VPNs and when I evaluate the entire experience, meaning performance, features, ease of use, reliability and price I have to give the prize to Windscribe.  Seriously, i'm not joking.  Several other VPNs I have used have had performance issues.  My connection will get hung up, or download speeds will be slow.   Sometimes I find that popular websites or forums are blocking other VPNs IP addresses.  I haven't had these problems with Windscribe.  Another problem I've had with some other services has to do with crashing or hanging my computer.  I've even gotten the blue screen of death using some other VPNs.  I've never, not even once had that happen with Windscribe.  It's rock solid and works every. single. time.   

Something else I like with Windscribe is that once you have an account, they have versions for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android all included so you can use it on your pc, phone tablet...wherever.  Just as importantly Windscribe is a GREAT deal.  I'm not just saying that.  You can sign up for a free plan to try it out and right off the bat it gives you 10GB. That's a LOT of free data for a FREE plan.  With most free plans you get maybe 1 GB.  The downside of the free plan is that it only let's you use a few different IP addresses so to really start surfing the world like I do you'll want to upgrade to the PRO Plan and then you get dozens and dozens of IP addresses in tons of countries.  But frankly, it's so cheap...less than $4/month with the special 50% promo code I give you below there is absolutely no reason not to get the Pro plan.  It is SO worth it.  Trust me, this is the single best investment you can make to improve your web surfing experience and frankly LEARNING experience. 

There is so much new content out there in other countries that you simply don't even realize exists until you start using Windscribe and start searching around with the country specific versions of Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.  I've linked the Windscribe site below so you can sign up for either the free or pro version.   My guess is that once you try it you're going to be hooked.  I can't believe I waited so long to start using a VPN.  Now I probably use it for over 50% of my web surfing.  I just love being anonymous and also being able to watch content and visit sites in other countries I just didn't know existed until I started using it. 

Make sure to check out all the free BBC, Sky TV and more once you connect using a British IP...I recently have been watching the original British versions of american shows...it's so cool to be able to do that....and also to see the live news broadcasts in other countries that are usually blocked to us in the U.S.  Practically every country has even more country specific programming and web content you'll discover as well. I've arranged a special 50% off deal that you can access by clicking the blue link below and then using the promo code 'WS50OFF' when paying for the Pro version.  With the discount it's $45 for the entire year.  That's less than $4 a month!  Do it now and sign up so you don't forget...you can thank me later.

Nexus 7 General Discussion / Charging issues - nexus 7 grouper.
« Last post by desadajo on August 03, 2017, 06:00:43 AM »
OK charging scenario:
Tablet powered on, connect charger, = not charging
Turn Tablet off with cable connected, = not charging
Remove cable, reconnect cable = unit charges
Power on unit, while charging in off state, when system starts, unit charges and shows charging continuously.
Remove cable while charging and powered on, reconnect cable = no charge.

Have changed battery and USB port with working model, same results.

OS - Beanstalk 7.1.2 20170413-grouper (although same result on numerous other roms)
Kernel version - 3.1.10

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Nexus 7 Help / Authentication Problem?
« Last post by Rabbit on July 19, 2017, 01:16:14 PM »
Until last week my 2nd Gen. Nexus 7 has been running well.
Unable now to get past "Select Wi-Fi network"
Screen shows my Router name which continues to hum along nicely with two different Mac laptops and 2 smart phones.
With the Nexus I now get "Saved, then "authenticating, and finally "authentication problem.
Any ideas?
New Nexus 7 General Discussion Topics (2nd Gen) / Re: Accessing YouTube
« Last post by Rabbit on July 19, 2017, 01:09:24 PM »
Sorry I missed you question back in May.  Problem somehow
"self corrected", i.e.  not sure what I did but it's been fine until just recently.  Hope yours is running well now.
Nexus 7 Games / [Free][Game] Download hot game Fidget Spinner2017
« Last post by mrland on July 10, 2017, 01:31:10 AM »
Nowadays, there are many games in the market in order to reduce stress and pressure in the life. Knowing the trend of people, the producer game made the Fidget toys to support for them. Besides, they also created an interesting game relating this toys, which has name Fidget Spinner.
With the simple gameplay, the players can quickly know how to play the game. To understand clearly the game, we can guide you to play the game. The players will use their hands to control spinner in order to shoot at the fastest speed and the longest time as possible. You will have totally 5 times to spin in one battle. And, we want to suggest that you should spin the next before its speed return 0 so that you can get the highest score as you can. When you pass each level, you will have the opportunity to discover a new beautiful spinner.
Apkfly Play Store: http://apkfly.com/android-apps-games/arcade/words-mobile_fidget-spinner
Moreover, apkfly will give you some features of Fidget Spinner:
  • Over 100 best fidget toys with the different colors, sharp or structure. Therefore, you have more options to play the game. Besides, each of them  has a unique index to help players explore more interesting things
    Upgrade your spinner more features
    The exciting gameplay
    Play with your friends in each battle
And now, we will show you some specifications of the game:
  • Latest version: 1.10
    Publish Date: July 05, 2017
    Category: Free Arcade Games
    Author: Words Mobile
    Requirements: Android 2.1+
If you want to check the information above, you can access the web or send an email to support@ketchappgames.com.
Finally, Apkfly would like to give you the link to download free the game. you just click here and enjoy it!
Apkfly Play Store: http://apkfly.com/android-apps-games/arcade/words-mobile_fidget-spinner
(Hint, it's much more than just digital money)

Up until a few months ago, like a lot of people I'd heard of 'Bitcoin' and 'cryptocurrency' but frankly while it seemed mildly interesting, I didn't feel any overwhelming urge to figure out how to get some or use it.  It sounded like a less secure, new fangled, roundabout way of paying for things 'electronically' and since so few places accept them for payment vs. the dollar...I didn't see the point. Why bother, right?

Wrong. Boy was I wrong. Because what I didn't understand...and most of you reading this probably don't either...is that many of these new 'cryptocurrencies' that we see in the news are not 'currencies' at all...they are actually a new technology utilizing a structure called the blockchain that are creating the next version of the internet, an internet 3.0 right now...and the vast majority of people have no idea this is going on.  How is that you ask?  Because many of these digital 'coins' are actually more like programming languages that let you build decentralized applications.  What the heck is that you ask?  Let me explain.

Let's say you want to buy a product off of Ebay, or Amazon like a pair of shoes.  Or perhaps you want to rent a room for a weekend through Airbnb, or get a car ride to the airport through Uber.  All of these businesses utilize a middleman that you have to pay a fee to for their service.  Think about it. You buy something from Ebay or Amazon and they take their little cut out of the seller's gross.  You book a room through airbnb or a car from uber and again...they take a little cut out of the seller's piece or charge a fee to the buyer...either way there's a middleman.

But what if you could get rid of the middle man?  What if there was some kind of company that did each of these things...sold goods..rented homes...drove you around....and there was no middle man?   What if transactions were peer to peer...you to the seller direct...without the middle man's fee?  Well that is exactly what the blockchain allows programmers to do.  Create decentralized applications, businesses, markets, etc.  It does this by utilizing the blockchain as a way of keeping everyone honest.  How?  Well, this video does a nice job of explaining it. 

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/6WG7D47tGb0" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/6WG7D47tGb0</a>

But the important thing to realize is that what we are looking at here is basically the dawn of a brand new internet.  Just like in 1992-94 nobody could have predicted that Amazon or Uber or Facebook or Google could become the behemoths we see today.  Twenty years from now people are going to look back and say the same thing about decentralized, blockchain based companies that will be just as big...or bigger.

It's very likely we'll have decentralized search engines without advertising, we'll have decentralized selling with brand new 'amazons' or 'ebays'. We'll have decentralized banking without the bank taking fees and we'll have virtually every kind of business you can imagine from insurance to education to manufacturing to distribution and it will be done through decentralized applications and companies that basically 'live' on the internet and don't require a middle man taking a fee.

Once you understand this concept the next thing to understand is that the cryptocurrencies that we see today...and the new ones being introduced...are all representative of different kinds of decentralized  businesses and these digital 'coins' are being used to fund the development of these businesses. Now there are some like Bitcoin and Litecoin that are still just digital money.   But others like Ethereum, Golem, Stratis, EOS, Factom and others each represent a new type of decentralized company or platform that are part of this new internet 3.0.  And in order to use any of these companies or platforms you'll have to know how to use these new 'digital currencies'.

Some of these new kinds of decentralized companies are already in operation.  For instance http://steemit.com is a hybrid of reddit and facebook where you use Steem coins as a way of rewarding content.  Instead of Zuckerberg and staff at FB choosing what to show you...it's more democratic and the use of Steem coin rewards content makers.

So how do I begin getting into this world?  What's the first baby step I can take? Open a Coinbase account.   

Coinbase is the oldest and most reliable and safe of the online wallets to start buying your first digital 'coins' with.  You can buy a bit of Bitcoin or Ethereum or Litecoin...the three coins they currently support...and begin to learn how to use them.   For example, you can purchase some 'Steem' at Steemit.com by opening an account there and sending some Bitcoin to yourself from Coinbase to Steemit.  Then you'll convert that Bitcoin to Steem to use.

As you become more comfortable with these currencies you might want to open a trading account on a site like Poloniex...which just like a stockmarket trading site allows you to buy, sell or just watch all kinds of digital coins and see their values fluctuate just like a stock.

But frankly the very first step you should take, just so you can get started and start to explore is to open a Coinbase account.

Right now Coinbase has a promotion where they're offering $10 in free Bitcoin to you* if you open an account with just $100, which is exactly what I did to start.  Then you can start playing with it. 

Want to learn even more and become a cryptocurrency expert?  Start reading sites like Cointelegraph.com and Coindesk.com and TheMerkle.com to learn more about all these new currencies and what they do. 

Look, I know it seems intimidating at first.  But trust me, this is not just the future of money, it's the future of the internet being built right in front of our eyes.  This is an amazing opportunity.  Don't miss out like you did the last time.  Just think how many times you've told yourself 'if i had just invested in Facebook or Netflix or Amazon back in 199x...well this is your next chance...because the next version of the internet...the decentralized internet is happening right now, today.  Open your Coinbase account and take your first step into that world today.  You'll thank me later.

*I'll also get a referral bonus but you get your $10 in free Bitcoin and it's the place I recommend to start on your journey to learn about this brand new internet 3.0
Nexus 7 Games / [Free][Game]Download hot game Injustice 2
« Last post by mrland on June 21, 2017, 10:03:10 PM »
Hello, everyone!
Today, http://apkfly.com/ is so happy to give you some useful information about Injustice gods among us android in order to know the most detail of this game. And then, you can download and enjoy the game.

The fighting game talks about the confrontation between two forces Super batman and Batman to fight again the monopoly of Batman game. This game has a beautiful graphics and a huge systems character. Moreover, each character has the different strength and skills, helping the player has many choices.

This is one of the best 10 games of all time and make people be attracted to it. Compare to the last version, Injustice gods 2 is updated with many new characters, along with new gameplay and interesting graphics.
With the simple gameplay and like the version before so that the players will be easy to play. You just follow the instructions on the screen and go to the shop to buy and upgrade your character, in addition, we can also change the character as you like with the different strengths.
Below is some specifications of Injustice 2 app which you should know to understand clearly about the game:
Latest version: 1.4.0
Publish Date: May 30, 2017
Author: Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Requirement: Android 4.4+
At last, Apkfly wants to give you the link to download free game which doesn’t pay any fees for the game. You just click here to download and play the game: http://apkfly.com/android-apps-games/action/injustice-2
Wish you have an interesting time to play!
Nexus 7 Apps / PS4 remote play 2017 for Android
« Last post by mrland on May 23, 2017, 01:19:19 AM »
Do you know PS4 Remote Play android, one gaming tool help people play anywhere without depending screen of Tv or computer. You can play any game which you want on your mobile or tablet through Remote Play apk But when using this app, you must have a Playstation®4 system, Dualshock®4 wireless controller, Sony Entertainment Network account and specially is has high- speed internet connection  not to be interrupted in the playing process.

Moreover, Remote Play PS4 has many features
- Play with the most realistic feeling PS4 game
- You can play game anywhere where you want
- Stable during using process
- PS4 Remote Play download is totally free. Therefore, you are not necessary about money to pay this app
- Compatible with the Xperia X, Z3, Z4 and Z5
You can see some specifications for Playstation 4 Remote:
. Lastest version: 2.0.0
. Publish Date: March 8, 2017
. Author: Playstation Mobile Inc.
. Using for Android 4.4+
You can also refer how to use application below:
Download the installation tool for Remote Play.
Run the installation and follow the steps until you see “Remote Play PS4’’ icon on your computer. Open this application and it will require you connect a DualShock 4 controller.
Next, enable Remote Play on your PS4. Go to system setup and select "Remote Play Connection Settings". Then selecting "Enable Remote Play". Go to "Network / Account Management" and then keep going to  Active Primary. The last setting we need to do is the "Power Save Settings". You go to "Set Features Available in Rest Mode", and then select "Stay Connected to the Internet" and "Enable Turning On PS4 from Network".
In addition, Ps4 remote play for Android is completely free. Therefore, you have not to pay any fees for this app.
Let’s download here to experience the most realistic of all of game in PS4!
url: http://apksave.com/android-apps-games/entertainment/ps4-remote-play-download
New Nexus 7 General Discussion Topics (2nd Gen) / Re: Accessing YouTube
« Last post by CarlTex on May 02, 2017, 09:17:17 AM »
When I try to open YouTube I got myself a Hydromax X20  "Problem with network" message.  Before a week or so ago, access has been no problem for the past couple of years.

Hey Rabbit are you still getting this error when you go to youtube? If not how did you fix it?
New Nexus 7 Root, Hacks, Mods And Development (2nd Gen) / Rooting using Mac OSX?
« Last post by pymason on April 12, 2017, 05:16:57 PM »
Apologies all if this is not a new topic, but I couldn't find it elsewhere. Please redirect me if it is. Daughter just deleted a folder with 2 years of pics and video on her Nexus 7 2013 2nd gen. As it was done outside of the photo app it can't retreive the data from within the app, so I'm looking for a way of retreiving the folder itself. I seem to have found that all the apps that say they can do this need a rooted device to work, so, firstly, does anyone know of a way to root a 2nd gen Nexus 7 2013, now on Android 6.0.1 using Mac OS X? Obviously a free version would be appreciated if at all possible...

Many, many thanks if any of you can help. :-)
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