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Author Topic: iFixit Tears Down The Nexus 7: Features Multiple Speaker Drivers/Hydis Display  (Read 1562 times)

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If you're a fan of mobile technology and especially an early adopter then you're probably familiar with iFixit.  iFixit 'tears down'...in other words disassembles electronic devices in order to see how 'repairable' they are as well as to see what specific components by which manufacturers are used inside our favorite products.   iFixit just did their magic on the Nexus 7 earlier today so here's a few shots of what they found and what the innards of your Nexus 7 will look like.  It goes without saying that we don't recommend any Nexus 7 owner to actually disassemble their own device for a multitude of reasons not least of which it will completely void your warranty.

So what exactly did they find once they got the shell of the Nexus 7 open?  Well since Google and Asus have been very vocal on many of the tech specs of their new baby there were few surprises.  Of course we see a fairly large 4,326 mAh battery which takes up a good third of the device.  The display itself was manufactured by Hydis and is attached/glued directly to the front glass of the Nexus 7 which leads iFixit to believe it is not really replaceable and would add to the cost of fixing if it should go bad.  One small surprise was the inclusion of not one, but two speaker drivers.   It was unclear from the single speaker slit in the back bottom but it appears that the Nexus 7 actually does support stereo sound from this finding.   We'll have to confirm that with Google of course but it does seem to suggest that.

Here you can see the actual motherboard of the Nexus 7.  The Tegra 3 chip is that large one surrounded by the red outline. You can also see the GPS chip in dark blue outline, the wireless module in green and the DDR3 ram that works as your tablet's system memory in orange.

If you're interested in finding out much, MUCH more detail about the component parts inside your Nexus 7 then head on over to iFixit and you'll see lots more pics and specs pointed out.

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